Sound Hire in Kent from AUDIOCREW

Sound Hire in Kent from Audiocrew


Sound Hire Kent usually refers to the renting or borrowing of sound equipment between a professional sound hire specialist like AUDIOCREW and a person or a business.  Wether you are a professional or an amateur we can supply you with high quality sound hire in Kent.  Be it a mixing desk in Maidstone, an amplifier in Ashford or a sound system in Canterbury, we can cover it.


When we established Audiocrew in 2008 we wanted to supply quality sound hire around Kent and beyond at a reasonable price.  This initially took the form of Theater tour support supplying sound hire and sound engineer hire for a few different touring shows along with local DJ nights and club NME, Canterbury.  Since those early days, our sound hire stock has grown dramatically to include several sound systems and our client base has widened to include many well known acts including Graham Coxon, The Blockheads and Odisee.  We have also been privileged to have supplied sound hire for many weddings and parties throughout the south east.

Speaker Rental

We stock a large amount of speakers including active and passive speakers for any kind of event in and around Kent.  We can supply speakers suitable for live music and fit for DJs both indoors and out.  The speakers on hire are manufactured by leading brands such as HK, Nexo and Logic System.  If you would like to hire speakers for a wedding, party, gig or festival then call Audiocrew on (01227) 656393 or send us an email to

Mixing Desk Rental

Audiocrew can supply you with mixing desks for hire for any event in the Kent area.  Suitable for Live Music, Theater shows, conferences and broadcast.  Mixing desks connect all of your inputs (mics) with your outputs (sound systems).  We have a burgeoning stock of mixing desks for hire in Kent including flagship digital mixing console Yamaha’s M7CL, LS9 as well as a stock of Soundcraft analogue mixing desks for monitoring or front of house mixing.

Amplifier Rental

Hire an Amplifier in Kent from Audiocrew.  A sound amplifier will make your signal louder.  Professional quality amplifiers can be rented from Audiocrew in Kent either as a stand-alone unit or to be included in a PA hire system in Kent.