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Hire a headset mic from Audiocrew for use in musicals, plays, dramas, conferences, religious services and many more. Please get in touch if you have any questions on what is the best wireless mic system for your requirements.


AKG WMS 420 Headset microphone and lapel microphone system


Headset microphone hire, Lapel mic hire in KentGeneral Specifications

Carrier frequency range 530.025 – 931.850 MHz


ModulationFM (Frequency Modulation)
Total harmonic distortion at 1 kHztyp. 0.8%
Signal to Noise RatioTyp. 105 dB(A)


AKG WMS 420 wireless microphone belt pack system is available with either a lapel mic or a headset mic and comes with a fully charged battery per set.  The battery lasts for 8 hours of continuous use.  Headsets are beige in colour and lapel microphones are black.  Have a look at the AKG Site for full technical details.


Prices below for AKG WMS 420 Belt pack and receiver with either Lapel or headset mic fitting:



AKG WMS 420 Single £25/day £75/week
AKG WMS 420 2 way £50/day £150/week
AKG WMS 420 4 Way £100/day £250/week
AKG WMS 420 7 Way £175/day £450/week

For longer periods of hire please contact for prices.


Trantec S5.3 Headset microphone or Lapel microphone system


Headset microphone hire in Kent

Receiver Specification
Type: Dual Diversity featuring PLL Dual Double conversion receivers
IF Freq: 1st IF 55.875 MHz; 2nd IF 10.7 MHz
Sensitivity: < 1 uV/12 dB SINAD Ist Image: >70 dB
RSSI range: 10 steps 30 dB range
Antenna Inputs: TNC 50 Ω
AF switches: Low Cut – High Boost – Phase Reversal (S5.5 only)
AF Output level: XLR Line +15 dBm max; XLR Mic -25 dBm max; Unbalanced ¼”
jack socket +9 dBm max


The Trantec S 5.3 headset and lapel microphone system is a noticeable improvement in quality on the AKG WMS 420 model mentioned above. It features superior sound reproduction and a better wireless connection and so is recommended when budget allows.


Trantec S5.3 Single £35/day £105/week
Trantec S5.3 2 way £70/day £210/week
Trantec S5.3 4 Way £140/day £350/week
Trantec S5.3 7 Way £245/day £650/week

For longer periods of hire please contact for prices.