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Live Recording - Mobile recording Studio Kent

Looking for a live recording or mixing and mastering for your project? We will come to your show or practice space and make a live recording your band, show or event.


Note – Our studio services have now migrated to My Mix Master so please visit us there for up to date information ūüôā


Mastering Online

Creating  a  high  quality  live  recording can    be    a     valuable     promotional tool    for    your    band    or    show . Capturing the energy

and  authenticity of a live  performance will  demonstrate to your audience  what  you can really do.


It  also  serves  as a  great  souvenir for gig  goers and  an   added  revenue  stream for you!!!


At   Audiocrew  we  make live recordings in high quality up  to  2  hours  of music on 20 tracks at 48KHz/24 BIT.


After the live recording  we  can present  you  with either:


.    A DVD containing all recorded material so  you can  take it away mix  it    and master it yourself.

.    A  CD  with your songs mixed to 24 bit so  you  can  take the recording away and have it mastered yourself.

.    A  finished  mastered CD which you can duplicate  to  your  hearts  content !



Previous Work

Have a look over at My Mix Master for some of our recent recording, mix and master projects.