How to Book

How to Book - Step by step
  1. Choose what you want ( ask us if you’re not sure 🙂 )
  2. Check availability (Contact us with date)
  3. Pay £50 towards hire fee to secure the hire
  4. Collect on the day, pay the remainder of the hire fee plus a deposit
  5. Bring proof of ID
  6. Deposit is returned to you by BACS 48 Hours after returned and tested OK.


1. Choose what you want

Have a look at our PA hire Packages for the best deals we offer.  You can use these as a base and add on extras if you wish.


Alternatively you can contact us with your requirements or ask our advice on what you might need


2. Check availability


Things book up fast so it’s worth booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  Contact us to check what you want is free on that day.


3. Pay £50 towards hire fee


A £50 non-returnable down-payment is required to secure the hire for you.  This means we will not book out the system to anyone else and your hire is ‘set in stone’.  Please note that if you cancel after paying this down-payment it will not be refunded.


You do not have to pay the down-payment in order to hire but it is the only way to guarantee the equipment is free.


You can pay into our bank directly at:


       Co-Operative Bank


       Sort Code 08 – 92 – 50

       A/C No. – 68339085



To keep our rates low we do not use POS card machines for the simple fact that the companies take 3%.  We do not feel it is in our customers or our own best interest to raise prices to accommodate a card reader.




4. Collect on the day, pay the remainder 
of the hire fee plus deposit.

If you are hiring equipment without a sound engineer you will need to pay a deposit and supply proof of ID.

The deposit varies according to what is hired and for how long.  We will advise you of this when you book.


Before you take away your goods all payments will need to be clear so we ask that you either pay in advance by BACS as described above or you can bring cash along with you.  Of course, a reciept will be provided for all payments and deposits.


 5. Bring Proof of ID

You will only need ID if you are hiring without a sound engineer.

We will need to see 2 forms of ID, one a photo ID (either passport or driver’s license) and one recent utility bill for proof of address.  Both names will need to match the customer collecting.


6. Deposit is returned

When the equipment comes back we fully test it for functionality.  If the equipment is as it was when hired out (nearly always the case) then we return the deposit to you by BACS within 48 Hours.


If there is a problem and the equipment has been damaged through misuse the damages will be deducted from the deposit and the hirer will be liable for the full cost of repairs.


Please note however – don’t worry if something goes wrong, things do break eventually.  Tell us immediately if anything doesn’t work how it should.   It is easy to tell if something has broken due to failure or misuse.