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Mixing desk Dry Hire from Audiocrew…Soundcraft, Yamaha, Mackie.


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Analog Mixer Hire


Sound Equipment | Analog Mixing Desks

Soundcraft 4 Channel Mixer  -  £15 / day
  • Basic mixer with good sound quality




Sound Equipment | Analog Mixing Desks

Mackie VLZ 16 Channel Mixing Desk   -   £30 / day
  • 16 Channels
  • 4 Aux outs





Sound Equipment | Analog Mixing Desks

Soundcraft LX7 mk II 24 Ch Mixer - £40 / day
  • 24 Channels
  • 6 Aux outs, 4 of them pre-fade
  • 4 band EQ






Soundcraft M2 32Ch Desk - £70/day
  • Classic Monitor Mixer
  • 12 Aux out with faders







Digital Mixer Hire



Sound Equipment | Digital Mixers

Yamaha LS9 32 Ch Digital Mixer  -  £140 / day
  • 16 Buss operation
  • Compact and lightweight







Sound Equipment | Digital Mixers

Yamaha M7CL 48Ch Digital Mixer - £220/day
  • 16 Buss operation
  • Touch screen





Do you know what all those knobs do?



Any sound engineer has heard this question more times than they would wish to remember!  We speak of course of the mixing desk. With its array of buttons and dials it seems like a maze to the novice or layperson but in fact, the operation of the mixer is surprisingly simple.


The first levelling concept is this: Each control only does one of two things.  Either:


a) Makes a sound, or part of a sound louder or quieter

b) Sends a sound elsewhere around the desk



The second great concept is that, if you look at the desk you will notice that each vertical line of knobs and dials is repeated throughout the board left to right so there are, in effect a lot fewer ‘different’ controls than may be apparent at first sight.  Each vertical slice controls one channel…a particular microphone, DI box etc.

…of course we can keep going…..